Today: Sat 30 Aug 2014
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Audio: E-cigarettes controversy

Dr Annette Katelaris and A/Prof Renee Bittoun speak in depth about the e-cigarette controversy.

Aussie doc could unlock Ebola mystery

Geelong hosts one of only a handful of laboratories in the world that can safely handle the Ebola virus.

GP and Muslim community takes stand

Sydney GP Dr Jamal Rifi is running for parliament.

The colour of cancer

Colour is a very important dermatoscopic clue, indicating a minute lesion warrants excision.

BPA contributing to obesity epidemic?

Man-made chemicals may impact metabolic function. Should we avoid them?

ED should give priority to private patients, insurer suggested

ED should give priority to private patients, insurer suggested THE CEO of Medibank suggested privately insured patients should get priority treatment in public hospital emergency departments, at an AMA...

Chinese meds lands woman in intensive care

A MELBOURNE woman developed severe cardiovascular toxicity and was admitted to intensive care after taking...

Work stress link to diabetes

PEOPLE experiencing high levels of work stress are 45% more likely to develop type 2...

Ebola death toll passes 1500, WHO predicts 20,000 cases

EBOLA-hit nations have met for crisis talks as the death toll tops 1500 and the...


Clinical Review

Ebola alert

Ebola alert

Ebola has long been a threat, but West Africa is now battling the biggest outbreak to date.


Lesions turn out to be a lymphoma

Lesions turn out to be a lymphoma

Some rashes immediately strike you as being significant and this was one of them.


Severe asthma in children

Severe asthma in children

This Update discusses the management of severe asthma in children, highlighting the reasons for non-adherence to medication and the possible ways to combat this.

News Features

Asthma and allergies

Asthma and allergies

Research on early life influences on asthma is a slow slog toward the holy grail of primary prevention of the disease.

GPs' top voted medical heroes

ALMOST 60% of GPs surveyed nationally for MO have nominated Professor John Murtagh as their number one hero of Australian medicine out of a list of medical luminaries.