Today: Wed 24 Sep 2014
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Plantar pain remedies

A range of remedies may ease the pain of plantar fasciitis but calf stretching is vital.

Does caffeine help with migraine?

What is the evidence for washing your analgesics down with a cup of coffee?

Help for finding the way back

When well-known people kill themselves, questions reverberate globally among fans.

Aussie doc could unlock Ebola mystery

Geelong hosts one of only a handful of laboratories in the world that can safely handle the Ebola virus.

The colour of cancer

Colour is a very important dermatoscopic clue, indicating a minute lesion warrants excision.

GP’s wife murdered by concreter

A SYDNEY GP whose wife was brutally murdered by a tradesman at their home has...

Vaccine fear blamed for boys’ disappearance

Vaccine fear blamed for boys’ disappearance TWO teenage brothers missing for a week in northern NSW ran away from home over vaccination fears, their older brother...

Watch for serotonin syndrome: TGA

THE TGA is warning doctors to be alert for a heightened risk of serotonin syndrome...

Coalmine fire link to deaths

A QUEENSLAND public health academic and statistician has been accused of trying to destroy Victoria’s...


Clinical Review

Mortality and morbidity

Mortality and morbidity

Type 2 diabetes is not as benign as some suggest. Based on the comorbidities of obesity, manifesting as CV risk factors, type 2 diabetes may be more ‘lethal’ than type 1.


Crusty papules could have viral origin

Crusty papules could have viral origin

A young man presented with a month-long history of a rash on the trunk and upper third of his arms and legs.


Current management of Type 2 Diabetes

Current management of Type 2 Diabetes

This Update discusses the current agents available to manage type 2 diabetes and their TGA and PBS status. The appropriate indications for use in glycaemic control are outlined.

News Features

Future shock

Future shock

“THESE are exciting times for innovation in the treatment of diabetes,” says Professor Neale Cohen, general manager of diabetes services at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. Medical Observer looks at some of the cutting-edge products, existing and conceptual, designed to improve the lives of patients with diabetes. Neil Bramwell reports.

GPs' top voted medical heroes

ALMOST 60% of GPs surveyed nationally for MO have nominated Professor John Murtagh as their number one hero of Australian medicine out of a list of medical luminaries.