Today: Tue 3 Mar 2015
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Examination of the shoulder

Get to the diagnosis in 45 seconds or less.

Hepatitis E

The neglected one in the viral hepatitis alphabet, hepatitis E, has been in the news in the last year.

Hunger pangs

Malnutrition continues to be a poorly addressed health problem among the elderly.

Let’s talk about sex

The final Sexual Healing column in the long-running series written for MO by Dr Catriona Ooi.

GPs suggest Medicare reforms

Medical Observer is calling for doctor's ideas on how to fix the nation's health system.

Co-payment dumped: Govt

Co-payment dumped: Govt THE federal government has dumped part of its GP co-payment plan but will retain a freeze on MBS rebates until...

Medifact: fact-checking the nation's health

IN JANUARY, Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s politically damaging co-payment had yet to be used as...

Vioxx plaintiffs get nothing: lawyer

MOST of the 1660 Australians who sued for compensation after suffering a myocardial infarction linked...

Better Access fails most needy

THE richest quintile of Australians sees psychiatrists at more than three times the rate of...


Clinical Review

Biosimilars: not original, not identical

Biosimilars: not original, not identical

How do biosimilars differ from the reference product?


Puzzling plaque in unexposed spot

Puzzling plaque in unexposed spot

AN ELDERLY person who presents with a red, slightly scaly plaque on a covered area of the skin can be difficult to diagnose clinically.


Child holding tummy in pain.

Abdominal pain in children

This Update discusses the differential diagnosis, investigation and management of abdominal pain in children.

News Features

Taking the last breath

Taking the last breath

Patients may have firm ideas about where they wish to die but many will rely on GPs’ guidance to achieve their aim.

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GPs' top voted medical heroes

ALMOST 60% of GPs surveyed nationally for MO have nominated Professor John Murtagh as their number one hero of Australian medicine out of a list of medical luminaries.