Today: Wed 23 Apr 2014
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Kathryn Eccles

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Rural GPs can play suicide prevention role

Rural GPs can play suicide prevention role

CONSULTATIONS with farmers may be an opportunity for mental health intervention.

Fertility treatment link to mental illness

CHILDREN born after ovulation induction or intrauterine insemination are at increased risk of developing a mental disorder compared to children conceived spontaneously, Danish research shows.

Life stressors impact Indigenous kids’ health

STRESS in the lives of urban Indigenous children impacts on their mental and physical health, according to findings from a study of a Brisbane primary health clinic.

Drug users with abuse history a suicide risk

ASKING drug users about a history of childhood abuse can help assess their risk of attempting suicide, a longitudinal study finds.

Advanced GP skills beat hospital care

RESOURCING community-based care pays off for patients with diabetes.

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