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Blood glucose meter recall

27th Mar 2013
Catherine Hanrahan   all articles by this author

A BLOOD glucose meter, used by some Australian patients with diabetes, cuts out at dangerously high blood glucose levels and is being recalled by the manufacturer.

Johnson and Johnson Medical announced this week that it is voluntarily recalling and replacing nearly two million blood glucose meters.

At extremely high glucose readings of 56.8 mmol/L (1024 mg/dL) and above, the units have failed to provide a warning of dangerously high blood sugar and will shut off, potentially delaying proper treatment, the company said in a media release.

In Australia, the One Touch Verio IQ meters are affected, and a Johnson and Johnson statement advised the TGA had been notified and patients were advised to contact the company to arrange for a new model to be shipped to them.

In the US, about 90,000 of the Verio IQ model are affected out of 1.2 million units being recalled worldwide, though a spokesperson for Johnson and Johnson Medical Australia said it was unknown how many patients in Australia were using the units.

Patients could continue to use the Verio IQ model until replacements arrived as long as they were aware that if the unit shuts down, it could be indicative of dangerously high glucose levels, the US release said.

Australian patients who had Verio IQ model were advised to call 1800 543 372 to arrange a replacement.

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