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block funding

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Nurses’ impact on quit attempts positive

Practice nurses can effectively deliver initiatives for patients to quit smoking, but funding models are limiting their role, according to experts. An Australian study of 498 patients from 19 general practices in Sydney looked at smoking cessation rates using a model of four counselling visits with practice nurses and free nicotine patches. The study showed the smoking abstinence rate was 22% after six months of follow-up, a rate the authors said was at the upper end of expectations. Nearly all the patients used pharmacotherapy. About a third of patients who attended four or more consultations with the ...

GP groups seize chance to lobby independents

GP groups plan to use the Gillard Government’s narrow grip on power to full advantage, and are now looking for opportunities to renegotiate unpopular health reforms. With a minority government held together with a coalition of three independents and one Greens MP, Labor’s second term is likely to be marked by compromises on controversial legislation, according to AMA vice-president Dr Steve Hambleton. The diabetes scheme, practice nurse incentive payments and 23 new GP super clinics will be the subject of renewed lobbying, he said. “The fact that it was so close means that the Government and Coalition ...

GPs urge: review nurse incentive next

BUOYED by a win on securing collaborative agreements with nurse practitioners, GP groups have issued a united call to the Gillard Government to review its practice nurse incentive.  GP umbrella group United General Practice Australia called for the review, repeating claims that the decision to provide block funding for practice nurses, while stripping GPs of the ability to claim certain nurse MBS item numbers, would hurt practices. As it stands, the scheme will provide practices with up to $25,000 per GP to employ practice nurses. The maximum payment per practice is $125,000. GPs believe they are set ...

Roxon defends diabetes scheme after survey backlash

HEALTH Minister Nicola Roxon has been forced to defend the Government’s controversial block funded diabetes management scheme, with GPs overwhelmingly rejecting the scheme according to a new poll. A national online survey of 487 GPs conducted by the AMA found that just 4% of respondents planned to adopt the blended block funding and pay-for-performance model for diabetes management set to come into force from 2012. Sixty-four per cent of GPs said they would not sign up to the voluntary model while 32% remained unsure about the benefits of the new system over existing fee-for-service arrangements. The ...