Clare Pain

Clare Pain

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One in ten community epilepsy patients injured annually

One in ten community epilepsy patients injured annually.
15 February 2019

Call for living guidelines for CVD risk assessment

Guideline authors urged to follow the example of stroke.
13 February 2019

Are doctors ignoring kidney disease in patients with AF?

Real-world study shows there is a heightened mortality risk.
13 February 2019

Osteosarcoma Triassic-style

Cancer is not a 'modern physiological defect.'
08 February 2019

Is adjuvant docetaxel useful for prostate cancer?

Study examines its addition to ADT in patients without metastasis.
08 February 2019

HPV infection linked with greater risk of CVD

And obesity appears to exacerbate the effect.
08 February 2019

Parkinson's: no benefit in early levodopa

Be guided by clinical need, say authors.
07 February 2019

Is TAVR warranted in low risk patients?

There are pros and cons compared with surgery.
06 February 2019

Recommended drugs underused in heart failure

And doses are often too low.
04 February 2019

Finger points to APoB in coronary heart disease risk

Triglycerides and LDL-cholesterol may damage arteries in the same way
31 January 2019