Clare Pain

Clare Pain

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Metformin for pregnant women with obesity?

Australian researchers suggest losing weight before conception is the way to go. 
06 December 2018

Joints affected from the outside-in, MRI study suggests

Tendosynovitis may be the first inflammatory process.
03 December 2018

Snapshot of Australian JIA shows high remission rates

Modern therapies are effective but flares and relapse are common, researchers say.
03 December 2018

Reproductive surgery is not dead, say Australian researchers

Some procedures are on the rise.
30 November 2018

Thyroid cancer recurrence: does radioactive iodine dose matter?

Patients should be followed-up for more than five years, say researchers.
29 November 2018

Why the rotten US healthcare system should concern us

Health hazards: from high costs to conflicts of interest.
29 November 2018

Real-world switch to biosimilar goes smoothly: study

There is no negative impact for patients, Danish researchers report.
26 November 2018

Gout: wide range in allopurinol dose needed to treat-to-target

One patient was on 700mg/day.
23 November 2018

Aggressive prostate cancer: adjuvant therapy needed after surgery

Radical prostatectomy alone is no match for ultra-high radiation therapy, results show.
22 November 2018

3 MI risk factors that are worse for women

Smoking is one, but another has much more effect
21 November 2018