Clare Pain

Clare Pain

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Serious infections on bDMARDs higher than expected: Australian study

Switching between biologics may be a factor
24 September 2018

Statins bring mortality and function benefits after stroke: study

Meta-analysis suggests benefits outweigh risk of intracerebral haemorrhage
21 September 2018

Low-dose aspirin no help for CVD in healthy seniors

No major protective effect but there is increased risk of bleeding
20 September 2018

Depression may increase risk of SLE

Causal link suspected
17 September 2018

Which anticholinergics are worst for cognition?

One drug class may be problematic
13 September 2018

Results reassuring on dementia risk from RA drug

 And it may even reduce mortality risk
10 September 2018

Yoga beneficial for knee arthritis: meta-analysis

Improvements across a range of measures 
10 September 2018

Rib fragility fracture increases mortality risk

Australian research quantifies the effects
07 September 2018

Hyperglycaemia accelerates cognitive decline

And brain scans show how
06 September 2018

FDA issues safety alert over SGLT2-inhibitors

There have been 12 cases of life-threatening necrotising fasciitis in patients with type 2 diabetes
05 September 2018