Dr Jon Fogarty

Dr Jon Fogarty

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Dr Fog's latest GP survival guide tip: Practise a four-part harmony

No one asked for it, so here it is... fresh advice for new GP registrars and GPs.
11 January 2019

Ho ho no! 'Twas the crisis at the surgery Christmas party

FOG'S BLOG: 'I am trained to deal with crises. I knew what to do. I flagged the practice manager.'
21 December 2018

Sticks and stones may break bones, but words can cause permanent damage

Relentless and undermining comments create a miserable and toxic place that is neither suitable for patients nor doctors.
19 November 2018

How this GP has perfected the art of making specialist appointments

Don't underestimate the power of charm, cunning and demonstrating profound clinical ignorance, says Dr Jon Fogarty.
02 November 2018

Most days I visit a nursing home, a good one, but there are still complaints

The royal commission will inevitably leave collateral damage in its wake, argues this GP.
12 October 2018

Winter is becoming – except for one aspect that snot

I like winter. I like running in the early morning with a headlamp and pretending I’m Rocky Balboa pounding the streets in the darkness
01 August 2018

Why we must have a back-up plan for PLAN

We need to accept that some form of focused, professional development is an expectation of the community, writes Dr Jon Fogarty.
23 July 2018

There's one patient all GPs should praise

All hail the glorious patients. The polite, understanding, succinct (and under-recognised) glorious patients.
04 July 2018

GP laments loss of indecipherable scribble ... ahem, penmanship

Long gone are the days when doctors prided themselves on their indecipherable scribble, writes Dr Jon Fogarty
15 June 2018

A 40-year-old medical relic gives this GP pause for thought

A medical student's project makes Dr Jon Fogarty stop and take stock.
01 June 2018