Lynnette Hoffman

Lynnette Hoffman is an award-winning science and medical journalist and heatlh copywriter.

Published Articles

Seeking help for themselves

Many doctors experience mental health issues, but few find the support they need.
02 September 2014

Ice: wave of madness

Crystal meth is rocketing in popularity and presents very different health issues to other illicit drugs.
24 June 2014

Data dilemma

A COCHRANE review finds neuraminidase inhibitors fail to prevent flu complications, but it’s clearly not the final word.
13 May 2014

Loose change or big bucks?

COULD Australia improve mental health care without further increasing the budget?
25 February 2014

Homeless advocacy a passion for Harry

DR HARRY Hemley has been physically assaulted, punched, kicked, strangled and threatened at knifepoint but his passionate advocacy for the homeless remains unhampered.
18 February 2014

PBS co-payment hike for self funded retirees

THE Opposition has warned the PBS co-payment for self-funded retirees who hold Commonwealth Seniors Health Cards could more than double if a proposal put forward by health department bureaucrats last year is accepted by the government.
18 February 2014

Sugar research paper ‘flawed’

THE authors of a controversial research paper that found sugar was unlikely a major contributor to obesity in Australia have acknowledged inadvertent errors in a correction published online.
18 February 2014

Midwife care reduces costs, complications

WOMEN who see the same midwife throughout pregnancy undergo fewer interventions and cost the health system significantly less than those who receive standard antenatal care or private obstetric care, a study of patients attending the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney has found.
18 February 2014

Suicide risk high in teen alopecia patients

TEENAGE boys diagnosed with alopecia areata may be at particular risk of self-harm and psychological distress, a Melbourne dermatologist has warned.
17 February 2014

Anti-plain packaging claims ‘weak’

TOBACCO companies have coughed up weak evidence to support their claims that plain packaging won’t work, independent researchers have found.
13 February 2014