Neil Bramwell

Neil Bramwell

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Has the medical community fallen out of love with pathology?

Is it the money, the way students are taught, or not enough mentors selling the specialty?
10 January 2019

The fight to stop gay conversion therapy

The practice, described as akin to torture, is on the rise again in Australia.
30 November 2018

Why the RACGP's new president is not what you might expect

Rap fan and Carlton tragic Dr Harry Nespolon is set to shake up the college.
15 October 2018

Why it works for patients to be practice owners

Traditional GP clinics may be giving way to corporate walk-ins but there's a third way.
18 September 2018

The gene genie: CRISPR and the human genome

Targeting and altering DNA is opening new frontiers in medical research
24 August 2018

6 useful apps – as developed by health professionals

Meet six healthcare professionals who have used their clinical experience to develop useful medical apps
04 July 2018

Inside the exhilarating world of Dr Neil Bartels

Reg Bartels OAM left big shoes to fill, but his GP son is doing it with aplomb.
09 May 2018

What Kerryn Phelps did next

Kerryn Phelps speaks about teaching her patients aerobics and following the path less trodden.
10 April 2018

The computer giant who changed the way GPs practise

MedicalDirector's Matt Bardsley once transformed the world of radiology. Now he is taking doctors into the cloud.
08 November 2017

Are $100,000 dolls better than the real thing?

New technology allows medical students to make mistakes without consequence.
24 October 2017