Neil Bramwell


Neil Bramwell is a regular feature writer and contributor for MO.

Published Articles

6 useful apps – as developed by health professionals

Meet six healthcare professionals who have used their clinical experience to develop useful medical apps
04 July 2018

Inside the exhilarating world of Dr Neil Bartels

Reg Bartels OAM left big shoes to fill, but his GP son is doing it with aplomb.
09 May 2018

The computer giant who changed the way GPs practise

MedicalDirector's Matt Bardsley once transformed the world of radiology. Now he is taking doctors into the cloud.
08 November 2017

Are $100,000 dolls better than the real thing?

New technology allows medical students to make mistakes without consequence.
24 October 2017

Vaping: hot air or harm minimisation?

Concern that ‘abstinence-only ideology’ will triumph.
10 October 2017

No sign of truce in the territorial war between GPs and pharmacists

The brouhaha about pathology screening is a symptom of a much deeper problem, writes Neil Bramwell. 
04 August 2017

The $75,000 question: How has medical school changed?

Students past and present share their thoughts on the challenges of an intensely competitive world.
05 July 2017