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Olanzapine is an effective antiemetic during chemo

'The principal adverse effect appears to be tiredness': researcher 
11 October 2018

Progression-free survival not linked with quality of life

Few drug rials report on QoL, researcher says
11 October 2018

Antidepressant value in back pain remains unclear

But it's still an option worth considering in some patients, says researcher
08 October 2018

TNF inhibitors linked with peripheral neuropathy

Rare complication
08 October 2018

Better paediatric IBD outcomes with higher infliximab trough levels

Study supports proactive drug management 
05 October 2018

UK guidelines recommend FMT for some C. diff infections

'Rapidly evolving area'
05 October 2018

Fluoroquinolones and fibromyalgia: link may be the infection

It seems it is not the only antibiotic to show an association
28 September 2018